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Some Links

I share Bryan Caplan’s opinion of political elections.

Here are Dan Mitchell’s five takeaways from this past Tuesday’s U.S. elections.

Mark Perry reports on yet more American victims of Trump’s asinine trade war: here, and here.

John Tamny correctly accuses conservatives who complain about globalization as embracing victimhood. A slice:

All of the above is a reminder that the “globalization” that needlessly has workers, pundits and intellectuals up in arms is much ado about nothing. No one is harmed by the division of labor simply because no one is harmed by doing what elevates them the most. Just the same, no one is harmed when the number of people competing to improve their lives through exchange grows. Globalization and the freedom to trade can only claim beneficiaries.

Elaine Schwartz highlights six import facts to know about globalization.

Johan Norberg, in this short video, busts the myth that racism and slavery are uniquely western phenomena.

What was the second-biggest cause of death in the 20th century? Richard Rahn has the answer.

Bjorn Lomborg wisely counsels us not to panic over the recent U.N. report on climate change.