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Some Links

Robert Samuelson points to a new study that further busts the myth that the American middle class has for decades now stagnated economically. (HT Ross Kaminsky) Here’s his conclusion:

All the numbers seem complex and confusing. Piercing the statistical fog is essential to anchor our debates in reality and not in journalistic or political mythology. It may seem that, except for the fortunate few, hardly anyone is getting ahead. That’s convenient rhetoric, but it just ain’t so.

Richard Ebeling warns of presidential hubris.

David Henderson is reading more of Armen Alchian’s work. (Readers of this blog know that I regard Alchian as one of the greatest economists of all time. It’s a deep shame that he was never awarded the Nobel Prize.)

Tim Carney has identified the two losers from the recent competition for Amazon’s HQ2: Arlington, VA, and Queens, NY.

Dan Mitchell celebrates the mass prosperity unleashed by widespread acceptance of bourgeois virtues.

Damon Root offers his run-down of the five worst U.S. Supreme Court decisions of the past 50 years.

Charles Calomiris describes socialism as “the opiate of the corrupt and ignorant.” Spot-on.