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Some Links

Jeffrey Tucker celebrates The Nutcracker. A slice:

This was a world that loved globalism and celebrated cross-cultural exchange. It was an age before the creation of passports, and traveling the world and seeing it all was first becoming possible for many people. You could ride on ships and not die of scurvy. Trains could take people from place to place in safety. Goods crossed borders as never before, and multicultural chic invaded arts and literature of all sorts. And hence in the ballet, we see not only the famed sugar plum fairies but also Arabian coffee dancers, Chinese tea dancers, Danish shepherdesses, and of course Russian candy cane dancers along with a beautiful array of fantasy figures.

Bob Higgs explains that no one owns a culture.

Elaine Schwartz offers an example of how U.S. tariffs impose unnecessarily high costs on U.S. producers.

Northwestern University law professor John O. McGinnis applauds our increasing freedom to arbitrate.

Here’s Richard Epstein on the perils of so-called ‘soft socialism.‘ (HT David Levey)

Pierre Lemieux reminds us that individuals do indeed generally respond rationally to incentives.

Matt Ridley laments the (cronyist) stifling of innovation by the E.U.

Creative destruction is ruff! (HT Frayda Levy)