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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 573 of the late, great Yale Brozen‘s superb 1965 essay “The Revival of Traditional Liberalism” (available without charge on-line here) as it appears in Liberty Fund’s 1981 single-volume collection of New Individualist Review:

A discussion of the revival of liberalism should begin with a description of what it is – particularly since our latter-day reactionaries have stolen the name. They have stolen the label for a good reason: it stands for the opposite of what they propose. These reactionaries are attempting to disguise their desire to apply the interventionist policies of seventeenth-century mercantilism to twentieth-century society.

DBx: Indeed. And today, in the early 21st-century, joining many so-called “liberals” (or “Progressives”) in an attempt to more fully reinstate the enervating policies of mercantilism are a good number of those people who call themselves conservatives.