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Quotation of the Day…

… is from pages 278-279 of F.A Hayek’s 1958 paper “The Creative Powers of a Free Civilization,” which is Chapter 9 in Essays on Individuality, Felix Morley, ed. (Indianapolis: Liberty Press, 1977 [1958]):

One lesson we must draw from these considerations is that a society may be hamstrung by controls although the great majority may not be aware that their freedom is significantly curtailed. If we proceeded on the assumption that only the freedoms the majority will exercise are important we would be certain to create a stagnant society with all the characteristics of unfreedom.

DBx: Yes.

Among the contradictions of modern Progressivism is the reality that Progressives’ naive belief in the merits of largely unrestrained majoritarian democracy is wholly at odds with Progressives’ wise and humane respect for many of the differences that distinguish individuals from each other.


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