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My former GMU student Emily Chamlee-Wright and her co-author Sarah Skwire argue, in USA Today, that bourgeois values are essential to civility in the workplace. Here’s their conclusion:

The difficult truth is that it is all too easy to find oneself halfway to Gilead or returned to “Mad Men” before we even notice. In our effort to impose purity as a response to the revelations of the #MeToo Movement or in an overreaction against that purity, we seem to be losing our grip on these core ideas of Enlightenment liberalism — the principles and values that serve as the foundation of a free, self-governing people capable of making reasonably good judgments.

Jeffrey Tucker explains why your new gasoline can is a dud.

GMU Law’s Michael Greve calls on U.S. courts to grow a backbone. A slice:

This is postmodernist jurisprudence: Whatever it takes (Mr. President), but don’t be mean. Even as the robed guardians of the constitutional order meticulously count and dissect a blowhard’s tweets, they let the executive—even this singularly transactional President, and therefore any future president—mess around with the entire U.S. economy and thousands of private enterprises in a law-free zone.

Simon Lester and Huan Zhu ask if the Trump administration is willing to make a trade deal with the Chinese.

James Pethokoukis rightly warns against the simplicities of economic populism, left and right.

Ben Zycher rightly warns against those who do well for themselves while pretending to do good for others.

John Stossel wonders if Silicon Valley manipulate users.


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