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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy discussed tariffs two weeks ago on Cavuto.

While I believe that most of the trade ‘violations’ that Beijing commits are committed against the Chinese people and not against Americans, Claude Barfield is correct to argue that the Trump administration’s undermining of the WTO works against many of that administration’s stated trade goals.

David Henderson is right that Tucker Carlson’s objections to immigration are wrong. A slice:

Immigration makes us wealthier; again, think about gains from exchange. And if Tucker is right that we get a lot of people with high school educations or less, immigration probably makes our country cleaner. Immigration makes it less costly to hire people to clean our houses and our yards and to cut our trees.

James Rogers busts some myths about behavioral economics.

George Leef explains how Nike transformed the University of Oregon.

Can machine learning save people from drowning – so asks my Mercatus Center colleague Bob Graboyes.

Adam Millsap understandably bemoans the juvenile focus on income inequality.

How long until the next “Equal Occupational Fatality” Day?