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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy rightly condemns the fiscally irresponsible U.S. government. A slice:

On the other side of the aisle, the starlets of the Democratic Party support socialism and call for “Medicare for All” — a plan that moves all responsibility for America’s health care spending on to the federal budget. And they ask for an expansion of Social Security benefits, 12 weeks of paid family leave, free college education, a federal bailout of all student loan debt and a guaranteed-jobs program. The Manhattan Institute’s Brian Riedl did the math: The free college, health care, etc., would increase federal spending by $42.5 trillion over the next decade. And that’s on top of the additional $12.4 trillion that the federal government is already projected to spend over that same period.

Also from Veronique is this look back on 2018.

From this past May, GMU Econ alum Roy Cordato argues that two trade wrongs do not add up to one trade right.

Pierre Lemieux advises us Americans to calm our fear of China.

Megan McArdle isn’t impressed with Elizabeth Warren’s generic-drug scheme.

The Institute for Justice wins another victory for the rule of law.

Mike Munger explains the importance of transaction costs.

To what U.S. states are Americans migrating?

Steve Landsburg poses a series of revealing questions to American multi-billionaires who want a border wall.