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Some Links

David Henderson rightly applauds a rare instance of non-misleading reporting on the public’s attitude about global warming. (To really want something is to be willing to pay the cost of obtaining that something and, thus, the only truly trustworthy pollster is the market.)

The Wall Street Journal‘s James Freeman explains why Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax is unconstitutional.

Ryan Bourne points out yet another mistake recently made by Sen. Warren.

Steven Altman busts five myths about globalization. A slice:

The United States ranks higher on immigration, but there are still more than 30 countries where a larger share of the population was born abroad. America also has fewer immigrants than most Americans think: 15 percent of the population, compared with the average guess of 29 percent in a 2018 survey.

Also busting myths is Max Gulker, who here busts a whopper trumpeted by AOC.

GMU law professor David Bernstein is correct that had Nancy MacLean’s fabulist tale Democracy in Chains been subjected to any sort of credible academic review before being published, it would still be an unpublished chunk of electronic rubbish sitting somewhere in the bowels of her computer. (HT Bob Hessen)

Derek Bonett wisely advises caution upon encountering the words “Studies show.

Nick Cowen reveals the continuing relevance of the work of my late Nobel-laureate colleague James Buchanan. (HT Brandon Christensen)