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Some Links

George Will wisely calls again on Congress to restrain the discretion over tariffs that it has unwisely – and unconstitutionally – delegated to the president of the executive branch of the U.S. government. A slice:

The U.S. Court of International Trade, which sits in New York, is mulling the argument, made on behalf of U.S. steel importers and foreign steel producers, that the discretion that presidents enjoy under Section 232 is so vast that it amounts to unconstrained lawmaking. Hence, it is an unconstitutional delegation of legislative power. The Trump administration not only makes the dubious assertion that imports have imperiled vital domestic metals manufacturers, but it also breezily says national security depends on a vibrant economy that is imperiled by imports. How the administration squares its fears about the dangerous fragility of the U.S. economy with the president’s boasting about the economy’s awesome strength is another puzzle.

Jeffrey Tucker weighs in on the Green New Deal. As does Steve Horwitz.

Chris Edwards explains that the Green New Deal would crush liberal values.

And weighing in on the rising tide of affection for socialism is Kevin Williamson.

Brent Orrell points us to another proposal from someone on the political left (Mauricio Miller) – this proposal being very sensible.

Bryan Caplan trusts some recent research on immigration and redistribution.

Bruce Yandle wants Trump’s trade war to end.