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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from John Pollexfen’s 1697 tract, A discourse of trade, coyn, and paper credit, as quoted on page 95 of Jacob Viner’s brilliant 1937 collection, Studies in the Theory of International Trade:

[M]ost of the laws that have been made relating to trade, since the Act of Navigation, may be presumed were calculated rather for particular interests than public good; more to advance some tradesmen than the trade of the nation.

DBx: Thus it was and so it shall always be.

Protectionists of course attempt to camouflage their predations as great services rendered unto the people of the nation. But any person above the age of four and of reasonably good sense understands that the predator who proclaims his devotion to his victims’ welfare is, in addition to being a predator, also a fraud.


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