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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy again warns of the danger of any scheme for government to promote more paid family leave. A slice:

A 2018 paper by Cato Institute analyst Vanessa Brown Calder reviews the literature on the impact of paid leave. She found that a government-provided solution to the issue won’t result in the proverbial free lunch for which supporters hope. Trade-offs for paid leave policies vary depending on policy specifics, but they include discrimination against workers of childbearing age and, as such, may favor older workers, resulting in fewer leadership roles, higher unemployment and lesser pay for women.

My Mercatus Center colleagues Dan Griswold and Jack Salmon argue for more liberalized immigration into the United States.

More good stuff from Dan Griswold: here he team up with our Mercatus Center colleague Danielle Parks to explore the claim that China is a non-market economy.

I’m naturally pleased that Pierre Lemieux likes a recent effort of mine to expose one of the many internal contradictions of protectionism.

Jim Dorn calls for a sound monetary rule.

Steve Landsburg rightly bemoans excessive airline safety exercised by airlines. (Yes, I meant to use “airline” – including its plural – twice.)

Jeff Jacoby is right that reparations today for slavery in the American past is both unworkable and unjust.

GMU Econ alum Clyde Wayne Crews is not impressed with Mark Zuckerberg’s call for government regulation of the internet.

In this short video, Johan Norberg asks if the world really is on fire.