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Some Links

A silver lining around the dark and nasty cloud of Nancy MacLean’s egregious ‘scholarship’ regarding Jim Buchanan is that it has prompted many true scholars – such as Phil Magness – to recount relevant mid-20th-century American history. Here’s Phil’s latest, which shows just how despicable and duplicitous government-school officials can be. A slice:

Federal court testimony from September 1958 shows the Arlington officials prepared a long list of bureaucratic excuses to justify their decision. Responding to questioning from NAACP attorney Frank D. Reeves, Arlington School Board Chairman Barnard Joy first claimed that six black students who lived within Stratford’s geographic boundaries were academically unprepared and would fall in the bottom 15 percent of Stratford students.

Max Gulker eloquently explains why the theory of perfect competition must be rejected.

Eric Bolling ably defends the oil and gas industry.

Tyler Cowen ably defends high CEO salaries.

Here’s Andrea O’Sullivan on proposals for more government regulation of social-media companies.

Alex Nowrasteh busts more myths about immigration.

Thomas Fiery calls out the Washington Post for its uninformed Malthusianism.