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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy rightly bemoans government subsidies for producers and drivers of electricity-powered vehicles. A slice:

Almost 80% of those utilizing the EV tax credit have incomes over $100,000, making it not just a corporate handout but also a transfer from all workers to wealthier Americans. And despite its advocates’ claims, the EV tax credit fails to reduce the alleged threat of climate change.

Also rightly bemoaning government subsidies for producers and drivers of electricity-powered vehicles is George Will. A slice:

Electric cars have cachet with advanced thinkers who want to be, or to be seen to be, environmentally nice. They do not think of such vehicles as 27.4 percent coal cars — that being the percentage of U.S. electricity generated by coal-fired power plants.

Joe Carter explains that so-called “national service” is simply a form of misguided nationalism.

I very much like Art Carden’s list of books.

Tyler Cowen argues – correctly – that government would inflict damage on the economy by breaking-up “big tech.” And here’s a video on the same topic featuring James Pethokoukis.

Also on the alleged monopoly problem posed by “big tech” is Walter Olson.

Hans Bader calls for lifting the ban on the sale of human kidneys.

David Henderson here offers his reasons for opposing Steve Moore’s nomination as a Fed governor.

In 2003, I heard Michael Crichton in New York City give this talk on modern environmentalism as a religion. (HT Mark Perry)