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My GMU Econ colleague Bryan Caplan argues that “the ‘right to your culture’ is literally totalitarian, because you can’t ensure the preservation of your culture without totalitarian rule over the very fabric of life in your society.”

Thomas Firey is correct: the late Alan Krueger did not prove that raising minimum wages causes no job losses. A slice:

I confess that I’m little-persuaded by Card and Krueger’s research, because it suffers from what I think is a serious flaw. Though they carried out their first-wave survey a few weeks before the minimum wage increase, the New Jersey law mandating the increase was enacted back in early 1990. That is, the fast-food chains had two years to prepare for the policy change. Employers typically don’t like to fire workers, so a rational strategy to prepare for the policy change would have been to reduce employment through attrition in anticipation of the policy change, rather than issue morale-crushing pink slips on March 31, 1992. Indeed, Card and Krueger’s first-wave survey data show the Pennsylvania restaurants averaged 23.3 full-time-equivalent employees while the New Jersey restaurants averaged 20.4.

Mike Munger summarizes capitalism with three principles.

“Auditing The Empire” – a new blog – looks as though it has much promise. (HT Walter Grinder)

Max Gulker explains that no economic system is perfect.

Here’s Shikha Dalmia on the current political dust-up over sanctuary cities.

Ben Zycher demolishes the Green New Deal.