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by Don Boudreaux on April 28, 2019

in Books, Budget Issues, Debt and Deficits, Growth, History, Inequality, Trade, Truth-seeking & ideology

Jeffrey Tucker has a theory for why so many intellectuals are socialists.

How to get fired at Duke University (gated).

The Trump administration finally is admitting that trade wars are not “easy to win” (although I wish that Eric Boehm would have more explicitly called out Kevin Hassett for the latter’s economically misleading claim about trade deals).

Amity Shlaes makes the case for economic growth rather than economic equality.

Dan Mitchell compares France’s Yellow Vest protestors to American tea-partiers.

I don’t agree with all that William Gale says here about government deficits and debt, but I agree with much of it.

Here’s Alberto Mingardi on Tyler Cowen’s latest book, Big Business.


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