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The Execrable Jones Act

Here are the opening lines of George Will’s most-recent column – a broadside against the protectionist, asinine, and destructive Jones Act:

The president has received from one of his employees, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, a report that probably tells Ross’s employer what he wants to hear: that imports of cars — “The Audis are coming! The Audis are coming!” — threaten “national security.” This report is required by our lackadaisical Congress so it can pretend to be involved in setting trade policy. After the president’s yes-man says “Yes” to the national security threat, the president can unilaterally raise taxes (i.e., tariffs, which are paid by Americans) to slow the flow of cars to Americans who want them.

Using national security as an excuse for economic foolishness, in the service of cupidity, is nothing new.

Do read the whole column.