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Some Links

George Will explains the danger of dabbling in protectionism. A slice:

Protectionists, who are comfortable with cognitive dissonance, say their policy is necessary because economic conditions would be even better with more protection. And they say protection is harmless because existing protectionist measures have not prevented conditions from being optimal.

From last year is this clear explanation by James Vincent – who cites Tim Worstall – on why we have nothing to fear from any alleged Chinese monopoly over so-called “rare earths.

Art Carden advises us to read Hayek as if our children’s lives depend upon it.

John Tamny busts a myth about Amazon’s alleged “sweat shops.

David Henderson re-reads the indispensable 1977 collection of some of Armen Alchian’s articles, Economic Forces at Work.

New Study Sees Major Gains from Jones Act Reform

Matt Ridley warns of the dangers being protected from vaping. Here’s his conclusion:

Vaping is the perfect example of a voluntary innovation derived from free enterprise that delivers better human health, at no cost to the taxpayer, and no inconvenience to society — and causes pleasure. I neither smoke nor vape and have no financial interest in either, but I wish it every success.