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I wish that my intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy would be invited to deliver speeches at graduation ceremonies.

George Will is rightly unimpressed with the conduct of U.S. military interventions. A slice:

The U.S. military is providing intelligence, logistical support and, for a time, occasional in-flight refueling of Saudi bombers. This certainly constitutes involvement in the commanding, coordinating and movement of military forces. This is similarly certain: Whatever the United States does to Iran militarily will be decided unilaterally by this president. But his predecessor, and today’s Congress and previous Congresses, will be implicated in the absence of restraint by laws or norms.

Colin Grabow shares a new report on the Jones Act’s flaws.

Eric Boehm unmasks yet more Trumpian fallacies about tariffs.

The great Bruce Yandle warns of Americans’ growing fiscal burdens.

Barry Brownstein counsels us Americans to quit our fear of China.

Michael Strain explains why the case for raising the minimum wage is far from settled.


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