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Some Links

I have recently linked to posts inspired by Jeffrey Clemens’s recent and superb new guide to research on the consequences of minimum wages, but I’ve yet to link directly to Jeff’s study. Here it is. Do read it carefully.

Jeffrey Tucker wonders why so many people wish society to regress.

Phil Magness warns against being misled by data on inequality.

John Tamny argues that conservatives’ fears of Huawei contradict what conservatives once professed to believe. A slice:

Subsidies free businesses from having to realize their errors quickly. Subsidies enable avoidance, they allow businesses to not come to terms with what’s not working. Subsidies logically weaken businesses precisely because they slow down the failing without which there can be no progress.

The best approach to this matter is private development of communities – government by contract.

Ben Zycher isn’t impressed by the Alliance for Market Solutions’s ‘conservative’ case for a carbon tax.

Mark Perry documents even more damage to Americans from Donald “Tariff Man” Trump’s punitive taxes on American purchases of imports.

Pierre Lemieux exposes a commonplace gross domestic error committed, surprisingly, by The Economist.

The great Deirdre McCloskey writes about socialism for the young at heart. A slice:

And even the romantic ideals of socialism, so appealing to youth, are crazy-inconsistent, as Kolakowski showed in his history of European socialism. They promise a freedom from work that nonetheless makes us rich, a central plan without tyranny, and individual liberties strictly subordinated to a general will. Craaaazy, kids.