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Some Links

Jeff Jacoby makes a strong case against government efforts – even “conservative” ones – to increase paid family leave. Here’s Jeff’s conclusion:

Paid leave for new parents is an appealing idea. So appealing, in fact, that more and more American employers are making it a standard element of their employees’ compensation. Entangling that process with Social Security is not likely to make anything better. It’s all but guaranteed to make Social Security worse.

Here’s the transcript of a recent conversation between Tyler Cowen and Russ Roberts.

Pierre Lemieux laments the Trump administration holding Americans hostage. A slice:

International sanctions are often similar to import tariffs or other trade barriers. A ruler takes his own subjects hostage and uses them (or threatens to use them) against another ruler’s subjects—like saying “If you don’t stop harming your subjects, I will harm mine.”

Richard Rahn warns of the dangers of Trump’s tariffs.

My GMU Econ colleague Bryan Caplan brilliantly explains why immigration should not be a contentious issue for classical liberalism.

Max Gulker understandably fears “hipster antitrust practitioners run amok.

Art Carden describes the market as a vast network of benevolence.

My GMU Econ colleague Larry White argues that support for a gold standard should not disqualify someone from a seat on the board of the Federal Reserve bank.