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Henderson on Iacocca … and Iacocca on Japan

David Henderson remembers one of the premier American crony capitalists of the 20th century, Lee Iacocca (who died yesterday).

Americans who can remember as far back as the 1980s remember Iacocca as a fierce and frequent proponent of government-imposed restraints on Americans who chose to purchase cars made in Japan (at least if these vehicles were not sold under the Chrysler label!).

I recall – or think that I recall – a print ad, circa 1988, of Iacocca issuing an absurd protectionist pronouncement along the lines of ‘We defeated the Japanese in World War II. Now we’re letting them defeat us.’

I used Google to search for such an ad, but I cannot find it. It’s possible that my memory is faulty. But I wonder if any of you remember any such ad – or can locate it for me.


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