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John Stossel’s Videos

Two years ago, John Stossel gave up his Fox Business TV show to make videos designed to appeal to young people – videos that might change the minds even of young socialists.

I’ve linked here to many of these videos, such as this one. They are all truly excellent, in both style and substance.

Stossel is reaching lots of people.  His team releases a new video every Tuesday. You can find them here: JohnStossel.com.

Each one averages more than 1.1 million views, twice what his Fox show reached.

Many videos go to 130,000 teachers who use them in classrooms—mostly public high schools, but also some middle schools. That means about 10 million students annually watch and discuss in class these important ideas.

This video shows Stossel’s impact:

He and his team are also training market-sympathetic young people to make videos.  For example, they helped Gloria Alvarez, from Guatemala, make several videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmDBTHxYZ7Q

This project is great – and timely. If you have means, Stossel could use financial help him continue to produce and distribute these videos. Tax-deductible donations should go to the Center For Independent Thought, 1420 Walnut St, Suite 1011, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Or make your on-line contribution here.


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