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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 143 of George Will’s 2019 book, The Conservative Sensibility; I choose it in response to news of the emerging “budget” deal (“budget” is in scare-quote marks because Uncle Sam’s fiscal practices cannot, without laughing, be described as “budgeting”):

Today’s political discord is less durable and dangerous than an obvious consensus, one that unites the political class more than ideology divides it. The consensus is that, year in and year out, in good times and bad, Americans should be given substantially more government goods and services than they should be asked to pay for. Lamentations about the paucity of bipartisanship ignore the permanent, powerful, bipartisan incentive that the parties share and indulge to run enormous deficits, thereby making big government cheaper, for the moment. Government borrows part of its costs; the burden of borrowing falls on future generations. This is a form of expropriation – taxation without representation of the unborn.

DBx: The notion of looking to Congress to prevent ordinary people from free-riding on each other is more ludicrous than attempting to lose weight and improve heart health by eating nothing but baconators.