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Some Links

George Leef reviews Jason Brennan’s and Phil Magness’s book, Cracks in the Ivory Tower. A slice:

The tools that the authors use throughout are insights into human behavior that economists (particularly those working in public choice theory) have developed: There are no free lunches; there are always budget constraints; incentives matter to people; actions usually have unintended consequences; people often break rules when they think they can; rules shape incentives; and good rules economize on virtue (i.e., we should create ones that align public interest with individuals’ private interests). Applying those insights, Brennan and Magness explain why American higher education costs as much as it does and delivers as little actual education as it does.

And from Phil Magness is this careful explanation of why Uncle Sam’s budget deficits will not be eliminated with higher taxes on rich-Americans’ wealth.

Alexandra Hudson explains that commercial society enables us all to enjoy picnics.

Pierre Lemieux is correct to argue that James Madison would not be pleased.

In my latest column for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review I outline some of the reasons for skepticism of claims that protectionism is necessary for national defense.

Barry Brownstein pleads for a culture of tolerance and freedom.

George Will talks with Jonah Goldberg.