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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy explains that politicians do not determine where the burden of their taxes fall.

Here’s my Mercatus Center colleague Adam Thierer writing on a proposed “science of progress” – a science proposed by another of my colleagues Tyler Cowen (writing with Patrick Collison). A slice:

In my last book and in essays like “Embracing a Culture of Permissionless Innovation,” I argue that, to some extent, leaders and institutions can help create conditions more hospitable to progress by understanding the importance of getting “innovation culture” right. No two modern scholars have written more eloquently and voluminously on this point than Joel Mokyr and Deirdre McCloskey.

Arnold Kling reviews George Will’s The Conservative Sensibility.

David Henderson reviews Bob Lawson’s and Ben Powell’s Socialism Sucks.

Larry White and George Selgin caused Scott Sumner to change his mind somewhat about the gold standard.

Hans Eicholz is justly critical of some of his fellow historians.

Mark Perry offers an interesting time-lapse graphic depiction of economic freedom of the United States, Cuba, and Venezuela, all against the world average, 1995-2019.

Tom Firey asks: Who is Peter Navarro?

James Pethokoukis exposes the errors in, and weaknesses of, Dennis Prager’s recent Wall Street Journal op-ed about alleged “censorship” by Google. Here’s Pethokoukis’s appropriate conclusion:

So here’s my suggestion for a new PragerU video: “The Myth of Social Media Censorship.”