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Eric Boehm eviscerates Elizabeth Warren’s demented pitch for “economic patriotism.” A slice:

That Warren fails to grasp this—or that she cynically believes voters don’t grasp it—makes her no better than Trump when it comes to trade policy. Indeed, Trump’s use (and abuse) of executive power to implement his own myopic and self-defeating trade policies may have only paved the way for a more competent protectionist like Warren, if she ends up in the White House.

Bruce Yandle warns of the long-run damage of Trump’s trade war war on trade. A slice:

At the same time that these competitive adjustments are occurring, the Trump administration is expanding its China tariff coverage to cover more consumer goods, including electronics, and also making noise about potential tariffs on French wine and European automobiles. These new tariffs could just as easily distort long-established trade relationships that, once lost, cannot be reshaped overnight.

My Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold speaks incisively about Trump’s trade war war on trade.

And here again on Trump’s dangerous trade war war on trade is Mark Perry.

Max Gulker informs his friends on the political left of some harsh realities of the Green New Deal.

I suspect that Steve Landsburg is here correct about Joe Biden.

Writing at National Review, Phil Magness reveals more of the flawed scholarship that asserts that capitalism is the child of slavery. And here’s more great stuff on this same topic from Phil.


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