The World Needs Innovators, Not Lectures From Teens, to Solve Climate Change.”

Speaking of the hysterical visions and outlandish fears of the likes of St. Greta of Stockholm, Mark Perry offers this wise quotation from Rich Lowry.

Jeffrey Tucker writes that maybe it’s a good thing that most people believe that politicians are corrupt. A slice:

Private-sector markets are fixable in a way that politics is not. This is precisely what makes these convoluted times of political upheaval so frustrating for the rest of us. Some bad guy will win and some bad guy will lose but there seems to be no getting rid of the whole lot of them and the power they wield.

The work of my GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein played a positive role in influencing these recent public remarks offered by CFPB Deputy Director Brian Johnson.

Corey Iacono summarizes some of the (many) arguments against the baseless but popular assertion that capitalism is the child of slavery.

James Pethokoukis writes that “American workers are doing better than you think — and have been for some time.


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