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by Don Boudreaux on October 7, 2019

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Max Gulker ponders freedom and economic development.

Pierre Lemieux – inspired by James Buchanan – asks if most people really do want to be free.

Michael Krauss reviews Tamar Herzog’s A Short History of European Law.

In this long essay, Donald Schneider gets much right about the state and fate of American workers. (HT David Levey) A slice:

The study finds that the industries that have seen the largest increases in concentration are also the most innovative (measured by patenting intensity) and productive. This suggests that rising concentration results from more intense competition and superior productivity among the top firms, rather than anti-competitive practices.

Here’s Jeffrey Tucker on the great jazz pianist and composer Bill Evans.

John Tamny is none too impressed with Bernie Sanders’s and Elizabeth Warren’s proposed schemes to further tax Americans’ wealth.

And Peter Suderman is none too impressed with another of Elizabeth Warren’s countless schemes, this one to tax Americans’ exercise of a Constitutional right.


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