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Some Links

Alex Nowrasteh highly recommends Azar Gat’s book Nations: The Long History and Deep Roots of Political Ethnicity and Nationalism. A slice from Alex’s post:

Fortunately, recent scholars have put forward new definitions of nationalism. Yoram Hazony tries to define nationalism in his book The Virtue of Nationalism, but he produces a confused mishmash that boils down to (1) nationalism is a natural and ancient human ideology and (2) real nationalists are not responsible for anything bad like genocide, war, or racism. Hazony’s definition isn’t serious and his book is fiercely ahistorical.

My Mercatus Center colleague Charles Blahous exposes the errors in Elizabeth Warren’s plan for Social Security.

Chris Edwards joins in the fun of busting the now-fashionable myth that the U.S. income system is not progressive.

James Pethokoukis calls for an end to the trade war. A slice:

Then there’s the oft-stated U.S. trade goal of cracking down on Chinese theft of American intellectual property and coerced transfer of American corporate technology. But think about it: What America is asking China to do is make itself a more business-friendly place for American companies. That would obviously make it more likely that they would choose China as a place to build and sell their products and services, as well as conduct technology research. Again, this goal conflicts with the idea of trying to push American companies to move their supply chains and other operations from China to other countries such as Vietnam and Mexico or, preferably in view of hawks, back to America.

GMU Econ alum Scott Burns writes sensibly about the role of the Fed.

Here’s David Henderson on Daniel Kuehn on Aaron Director.

John Stossel interviews Tulsi Gabbard.

Amy Willis has some favorite intro-to-economics books.