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Some Links

Bruce Yandle reports on the burden imposed on Americans by Trump’s war on Americans who trade with foreigners. A slice:

Need more evidence that we’re all just a little bit poorer than we need to be? This week’s disappointing news on U.S. production of long-lasting capital goods was another reminder that trade wars and the resulting slower world economy are eating away at our prosperity.

Art Carden rightly sings the praises of the late, great Paul Heyne.

James Pethokoukis points us to evidence that reveals the applause-worthy economic successes of immigrants to America.

Speaking of immigration, Shikha Dalmia recently debated the subject with Ramesh Ponnuru.

Here are my GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein’s thoughts on Joker.

Tom Palmer remembers the late Vladimir Bukovsky.

Arnold Kling wisely warns against taking macroeconomic data too seriously. Here’s his conclusion:

Overall, I recommend being very wary of macroeconomic analysis that purports to give trends in productivity or to compare real income today with real income in past decades. The range of different answer that you can get using reasonable alternative methods for constructing the data far exceeds the variation in the phenomena that you are trying to assess.