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Wondering if Bernie Sanders Realizes….

Cafe Hayek reader Steve K. sent to me this afternoon the following e-mail, shared here with his kind permission:

Wonder if BS [Bernie Sanders] understands that perhaps the life saving procedure he underwent that involved stents in his coronary arteries were developed by companies operating in the marketplace responding to demand via innovation to help sufferers and not gov. dictates or control of biz.

DBx: Excellent question. Judging from Mr. Sanders’s many public pronouncements, I believe that he is largely oblivious to this reality.

And to the small extent to which realization of this reality might enter Mr. Sanders’s brain, he almost certainly supposes that had commercial motives not played a role – and had government force played a larger role – the medical products that are saving his life would instead not only save his life, but would also restore his youth and perhaps even enable him to fly by flapping his ears, all at a cost of no more than pennies.


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