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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is this Facebook post by Bob Higgs:

The case for free international trade is simply the case for freedom in general. Those who claim that conditions can be improved by restrictions, taxes, subsidies, and bans of international buying and selling are saying either that they know better than every other person what transactions will provide a net benefit to that person or that they have a right to override the buying and selling choices that all other individuals regard as in their best interest. In short, trade restrictionists of all stripes, including so-called protectionists, rest their case on either proposterous claims about what they know or outrageous presumptions of a right to pester and punish peaceful people for the sake of particular special interests who seek to pick their fellows’ pockets.

Trade restrictionists of all stripes are a plague on economic life and a threat to freedom in general — not to mention their insulting our intelligence.


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