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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… starts near the 55-minute, 20-second mark in this recording of a talk on Ronald Coase delivered a few years ago (I think in 2014) at the University of Chicago School of Law by the former dean of that law school – and my torts professor at UVA Law in the Fall of 1989 – the great Saul Levmore:

So here’s, I think, the message I would take away from Coase: the government needs to be – “government” meaning people who are in the government – people need to be much less arrogant about how well they understand the world. And you need to realize that it’d be so great if law – meaning every judge, every lawmaker, every voter – it’s really great if you realize that you’re capable of error.

DBx: Do listen to the entire hour-long recording. Levmore is a brilliant lecturer, and the economics of Coase is a deeply important subject. (I realized, in listening yesterday to this recording, how much of Levmore’s lecturing style I have, mostly unconsciously, incorporated into my own lecturing style. I do not, however, remotely rank with Levmore as a lecturer or public speaker – or scholar.)

(Pictured above is Coase.)