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Some Links

My Mercatus Center colleague Charles Blahous exposes the utter unrealism – including the deceptive accounting – of Elizabeth Warren’s scheme to supply Medicare for All.

Steve Davies writes wisely about how to think about migration. A slice:

The evidence of that research overwhelmingly supports the case for easier migration and falsifies the arguments against it, particularly what we might call the popular ones. It is not true that immigrants take jobs away from the indigenous population; in fact, immigration leads to higher levels of economic activity and more employment opportunities. Immigrants do not disproportionately live off welfare benefits — the exact opposite is true, and they make a net contribution to the national treasury.

Phillip Klein is rightly dismayed by the G.O.P.’s, and Trump’s, fiscal incontinence. A slice:

Also, small-government conservatism has taken a back seat to cultural wars against liberal-dominated institutions like the media, tech companies and academia. But when reality sets in and the bill for decades of fiscal recklessness comes due, conservatives will regret that they squandered so much time debating the latest botched news story or Twitter controversy rather than doing anything to address the federal debt.

Max Gulker explains that economic growth requires the market-testing of the ideas of many people.

Steven Pinker busts the myth that truth is mythical.

David Henderson laments the fatal conceit.

My Mercatus Center colleague Adam Thierer cautions against excessive precaution.

Don Smith, R.I.P.