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Some Links

George Will is correct that Elizabeth Warren in many ways has become the Trump of the political left. Here’s his conclusion:

Her cachet has been intellectual gravitas, supposedly demonstrated by blueprints for refurbishing everything. Suddenly, “the thinking person’s Bernie Sanders” seems more like progressivism’s Trump, exacerbating social hostilities and playing fast and loose with facts. Markets, for which Warren has minimal respect, are information-generating mechanisms, and America’s political market is working. Her Medicare-for-all plan provides indispensable information, not about governance but about her.

David Henderson makes the case for free trade.

Eric Boehm calls on Trump to cancel the scheduled tariff hikes hike in punitive taxes on Americans who buy imports.

Retired University of Vermont economics professor Art Woolf explains why Vermonters today should be thankful.

David Rose calls on colleges to defend free speech.

Alexander Hammond decries trendy hostility to capitalism.

Matt Ridley exposes the plot against fracking.