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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 175 of Pierre Desrochers’s and Joanna Szurmak’s important 2018 book, Population Bombed!:

In the end, population growth and the development and use of carbon fuels liberated human labour and brains from subsistence agriculture while simultaneously reducing pressures on both wild flora and fauna. As a result, not only has much marginal agricultural land been rewilded in many parts of the world over the last several decades, but an increasingly large number of human brains and hands were given the opportunity to pursue an ever-wider range of occupations through ever-more diverse, useful and powerful means. Trade, the division of labour, more people and more carbon fuels are what allowed humanity to simultaneously bake and enjoy an ever-larger number of economic and environmental cakes, while in the process making human societies ever more resilient against extreme weather events and any climate change trend they might be confronted with.


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