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Some Links

George Will rightly – and devastatingly – criticizes Sen. Marco Rubio for “joining anti-capitalist conservatives.” A slice:

Rubio serves in a legislature whose constant resort to funding the government with continuing resolutions testifies to its incompetence concerning even its most elemental function: budgeting. Yet he expects this government to wisely define the “common good” and deftly allocate wealth and opportunities accordingly.

John Samples is, like George Will, dismayed by the rise of what Samples calls “big government conservatism.

John Stossel is understandably unhappy with Hollywood’s hostility to free markets. A slice:

Greedy miners want to kill nature-loving aliens in “Avatar.” Director James Cameron says: “The mining company boss will be the villain again in several sequels.

One reviewer calls a scene in the recent “Star Wars” movie “a beautiful critique of unregulated capitalism.”

“Unregulated capitalism” is such a stupid cliche. Markets are regulated by customers, who have choices; we routinely abandon suppliers who don’t serve us well.

The great Steve Davies laments the return of internal passports.

In this enlightening post, Vincent Geloso points to research by Luiz Martinez showing that the link between economic freedom and prosperity is even stronger than is commonly realized.

David Henderson unveils yet more sloppiness in the statistical work of Gabriel Zucman.

Michael Huemer celebrates political gridlock and the political contestation that causes it. (HT David Levey)