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Some Links

Fareed Zakaria is correct that Donald Trump is no friend of free markets. Here’s Zakaria’s conclusion:

On the core issue that used to define the GOP — economics — the party’s agenda today is state planning and crony capitalism. And this is what so-called conservatives are doubling down to defend.

(Note: I understand that the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders might well be as bad or worse than Trump. But this fact no more counsels against warning of the horribleness of Trump’s policies than does the recognition that being burned alive at the stake might be an even worse form of execution than being garroted counsel against warning of the horribleness of being garroted.)

Steve Davies writes wisely about automation.

I’m thrilled to see Bryan Caplan’s and Zach Weinersmith’s Open Borders receive the prominent attention that it deserves and is now receiving!

My colleague Pete Boettke has some reading recommendations for those who are interested in economics.

Steve Horwitz correctly accuses advocates of wealth taxes of confusing stocks with flows.

Shikha Dalmia warns that India is entering a new dark age.

George Selgin busts more myths about money and banking.