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Some Links

Joakim Book rightly celebrates the reality of technology increasing people’s employment options.

My amazing GMU colleague Ilya Somin, from over in the Scalia School of Law, is among the immigrants whose inspiring stories are celebrated by Stuart Anderson.

Edward Lazear, John Cochrane, David Henderson, Richard Epstein, Michael J. Boskin, and Daniel Heil productively ponder taxation.

Dan Ikenson justifiably is no great fan of the USMCA.

And Eric Boehm justifiably is no great fan of “phase one” of the U.S.-China trade deal. A slice:

This Phase One agreement seems to be, at best, a face-saving way to back off from imposing costly new tariffs, and a way to punt the thorniest parts of the China trade dispute until after the next election. It comes with only modest tariff relief for U.S. consumers, doesn’t undo the worst losses of the trade war, and contains likely overblown promises about China’s ability to buy more American farm goods. But don’t be surprised if Trump acts like it’s a major victory.

On this 249th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven, Arthur Brooks teaches us what Beethoven can teach us.

I only just now discovered this EconTalk podcast that Russ Roberts did this past summer with George Will.