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Some Links

Nick Gillespie responds to Tyler Cowen’s call for us libertarians to up our game.

Phil Magness compiles a helpful bibliography of criticisms of the New York Times‘s criticism-worthy “1619 Project.

Also on the “1619 Project” is The New Criterion.

Matt Welch wisely warns of the threat to individualism signaled by some conservatives’ new call for government to take action against pornography.

Here’s Sarah Skwire on The Politician.

Barry Brownstein explains how cognitive bias is helping to destroy the gig economy in California. A slice:

Try this thought experiment. Imagine you are a politician, professor, or a concerned citizen interested in workers’ rights. You have a pre-established cognitive bias that government is the best protector of workers. Thus, a statement such as California’s Worker Status bill is needed to protect the rights of freelancers would likely meet with your approval. Given your cognitive biases, the statement has “familiarity” and “fluency.” You’ve cheered a thousand times before for statements that begin with: This bill is needed because… Such statements are easily cognitively processed.