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Jeffrey Tucker remembers when the New York Times wasn’t as economically illiterate about labor markets as it is today. A slice:

The notion that the minimum wage causes social improvement without cost is just as absurd as the idea that the price of eggs can be doubled by law and this will have no effect on sales – only more profits to egg producers. It’s contrary to every economic sense, and describing its effects is no different from describing the effects of gravity on rocks dropped from buildings.

Bob Higgs warns against the abuse of language:

First they came for the [fill in the blank].

No, actually they came first for the language, which they twisted and corrupted to serve their ideological ends. Once they controlled the language, they had little trouble in justifying their coming for [fill in the blank].

If we lose the fight for honest speech, we have pretty much lost the fight as a whole.

Speaking of abuse of language, Pierre Lemieux laments the use of words suggesting that collectives are sentient creatures.

Reports now suggest that Trump took the unprecedented step of killing a foreign leader based on thin evidence of a threat and with an eye towards domestic politics.

John Cochrane blogs about “state-capacity libertarianism.

Steve Horwitz recently spoke about “economics a the study of peaceful human cooperation and progress.

Mark Perry serves up yet another splendid Venn diagram.