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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy gives credit where credit is due – in this case to the Trump administration for its wise roll-back of an Obama-era labor policy

John O. McGinnis exposes the appalling ideology and bias of the New York Times.

Have you ever heard of the genuine hero Wilson Greatbatch?

Stuart Anderson gets the language right about travel bans.

Kevin Williamson has fun revealing the Everestian economic ignorance now on the loose in Sacramento.

Here’s a deep and important insight from Bryan Caplan about economists’ careless use of market-failure arguments (and economists’ inexcusable disregard of public choice).

My GMU Econ and Mercatus Center colleague Pete Boettke writes about the four pillars of economic wisdom. A slice:

Economics brings truth and the light to the darkness, and pierces through the fog to make sense of all human endeavors, whether in pursuit of the highest ideals or the basis of crass motives.  If you are being taught economics by Gordon Tullock, or for that matter Pete Leeson (The Invisible Hook and more recently WTF), be prepared to be shocked out of your comfortable complacency and instead learn about the logic and underlying governing dynamics of the world around you.