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Some Links

Mary Anastasia O’Grady lends her eloquent voice to those who critically expose Bernie Sanders’s inexcusable affection for totalitarians. A slice:

High literacy is a joke in a place like Cuba, where there is no free speech. Before the Bastista and Castro dictatorships Cuba had freedom of the press, more than 50 daily newspapers and the most television stations in Latin America. Today state media tells Cubans what to think.

And here’s another Jonah Goldberg analysis of what is either Bernie Sanders’s appalling obliviousness or his totalitarian soul.

James Pethokoukis explains the economic ignorance of Bernie Sanders and other enthusiasts for soaking the rich.

Peter Suderman lays bare many of the problems with Bernie Sanders’s health-care scheme.

Anne Applebaum is rightly critical of all the many “Progressives” and Democratic Socialists who praised Hugo Chavez. A slice:

Having gained full control of his nation’s legal and judicial institutions, Chávez did not use it to benefit poor Venezuelans, contrary to the mythology spread by far-left admirers. Instead, Chávez began to transfer the wealth of the country to his cronies.

Katherine Mangu-Ward warns against falling for presidents who grab power in order, ostensibly, to promote the national interest.

Mike Munger writes about the future of academic publishing.