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by Don Boudreaux on March 9, 2020

in Current Affairs, FDA, Health, History, Inequality, Legal Issues, The Profit Motive, Work

Deirdre McCloskey polishes James Pethokoukis’s defense of those who earn billions of dollars in markets.

Bruce Yandle surveys women’s participation in the workforce.

Here’s David Henderson – and here’s Charles Cooke – on the truly mind-boggling innumeracy and gullibility of many in the mainstream media.

Matt Ridley offers wisdom on how to deal with pandemics. Also writing wisely on infectious diseases – and, in addition, on the U.S. FDA – is Alex Tabarrok.

Walter Olson argues that Chuck Schumer need to apologize again – this time for real – for his public threats against Supreme Court justices.

Josh Blackman reminds us that this date – March 9th – is an infamous one in U.S. legal history.


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