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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy beautifully explains the beneficial role of rising prices during emergencies. A slice:

Government officials (and pundits) never seem to learn (or remember) that in times of crisis, naturally rising prices are necessary to guarantee that goods, services and inputs are used to maximum social advantage. When governments prevent price hikes, they unwittingly createshortages of vital supplies. Unfortunately, such government intervention makes it harder for people to recover from disasters or, today, to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

Speaking of the coronavirus, the rational optimist – Matt Ridley – isn’t so optimistic.

Jeffrey Tucker makes clear that, in a panic sparked by a disease such as the coronavirus, the market is humanity’s friend.

Also writing wisely on markets and disease is Scott Sumner.

George Will is rightly dismayed by the idiotic superstitious worship, in today’s academy, of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.

George Leef reviews my GMU Econ colleague Jim Bennett’s new book, Intercollegiate Athletics, Inc.

Jeff Jacoby reports on just how far to the left Joe Biden has moved.

John Goodman isn’t impressed with Paul Krugman’s latest book. A slice:

Reading Krugman on corporate taxation, you would never know that both theory and evidence suggest that workers, rather than rich people, bear the burden of the income tax and that corporate taxes actually suppress worker wages both in this country and abroad.