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by Don Boudreaux on March 31, 2020

in Current Affairs, Hubris and humility, Philosophy of Freedom, Seen and Unseen

Read this short but insightful blog post by the University of Chicago’s Casey Mulligan. Then re-read it. And share it.

Anne Applebaum warns us to beware of government officials using the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse to seize more power. A slice:

At least while they were frightened, people complied. At times when people fear death, they go along with measures that they believe, rightly or wrongly, will save them—even if that means a loss of freedom. Such measures have been popular in the past. Liberals, libertarians, democrats, and freedom-lovers of all kinds should not fool themselves: They will be popular now too.

Warning of the same threat to liberty posed by people’s response to the coronavirus is Ted Galen Carpenter. (HT Walter Grinder)

Joakim Book explains what the Swedes have done better than most regarding COVID-19.

Here’s part II of Roger Koppl’s expert EconLog posts on pandemics and expert failure.

And here’s deep wisdom from my GMU Econ colleague Bryan Caplan.


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