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Some Links

Andrew McCarthy eloquently pleads for Americans to demand that government meet a much heavier burden of proof to justify its lockdown of society. A slice:

The problem with the counsel government officials are getting from medical doctors and other scientists is not that it is bad advice. It is that government officials seem to think they have the power to make it dispositive advice without first demonstrating to us that it is necessary, that less Draconian restraints on liberty will not do.

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy rightly recommends her new paper, written with Arnold Kling, on a better way for government to help small businesses.

Gonzalo Schwarz recently interviewed the Nobel-laureate economist James Heckman.

Don’t miss the recent “Quotation of the Day” featured by Mark Perry.

Wall Street Journal columnist Holman Jenkins continues to write wisely about the covid-19 crisis. A slice:

Not even the U.K. Imperial College study that so alarmed the world’s policy makers recommended indiscriminate lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders. If we meant what we said, we’ve overshot in many places. Beds are empty. A ventilator shortage did not materialize. We failed to set aside enough capacity to treat other medical conditions like strokes and heart attacks. This is costing lives.

My colleague Pete Boettke issues a public-choice warning about the media. A slice:

Attention-grabbing headlines don’t find it compelling to identify unintended consequences, but villains and heroes. Bad people do bad things, but good people do good things — and great people do GREAT things. This is the preferred narrative, and the media fuels that. They anoint saints, and condemn devils in the public, private and independent sector. The saints must be selfless, and the devils must be self-serving.