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Some Links

Russ Roberts – who understands economics far more deeply than do some Nobel laureates in the subject – explains the beneficial role of prices free of government restraint.

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy writes about the impact of the paycheck-protection program.

Pete Boettke is correct: Arrogance is far more lethal than is ignorance.

The single best line that I’ve read all day is in this post by Arnold Kling: “I say it’s just more social-engineering drunks searching under the lamppost.”

Ted Hirt reviews Richard Epstein’s new book, The Dubious Morality of Modern Administrative Law.

Nathan Pinkoski calls it “bourgeois bolshevism.

Richard Rahn is rightly critical of the unthinking sledgehammering of society and economy by governments over the past couple of months. A slice:

Those who say we can offset the cost of the government mandated shutdown of productive economic activity by just giving business people and individuals money to replace their losses stemming from the shutdown fail to understand that passing out money without creating wealth, over the long run, makes everyone poorer by debasing the currency.