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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy joins with Mercatus’s Executive Director Dan Rothschild to make the case for keeping government limited and markets free and open. A slice:

Lilla’s claims about globalization are likewise mistaken. Yes, the international order is imperfect, but on balance, economic liberty, global trade, and the internationalization of ideas have by far done more to stop global misery and poverty than has any other system. Yes, China has not joined that international order and adopted liberal values and democracy as many predicted a decade ago, and, yes, it maintains a gulag archipelago reminiscent of the worst abuses of Soviet totalitarianism. But the international economic order is far from being a threat to national self-determination (a deeply flawed and utterly illiberal concept) and blaming it for our problems merely deflects blame from our own internal political pathologies.

Also from Veronique is this lament of sprawling government.

Recently, I was again a guest of the always-insightful Dan Proft.

Don’t miss Russ Roberts’s page featuring materials on so-called “price-gouging.

Art Carden explains why we don’t need One Big Plan to end the lockdown.

Alberto Mingardi is always worth reading.